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Easy&Fun Travel! Colombia

Easy&Fun Travel! Colombia

Easy&Fun Travel! Colombia, traveler's passion the easiest and cheapest way to explore Colombia for backpackers and travelers. New! Travel and explore Colombia by car, with local drivers, with unique and non-commercial routes only sharing the transportation costs! Cheaper and safer than traveling in a rented car, but comfortable traveling on buses and more fun than traveling by plane. Check our experience in our social networks ANTONIO EXPLORER. , and in the blog of ANTONIO EXPLORER COLOMBIA. . You can also know more and contact us. An example of route / cost with # getaride # and other means of transport GetARide-Colombia!, traveler's passion The easiest and cheapest way to explore Colombia for backpackers and travelers.

What is Easy&Fun Travel! Colombia?

We set up unique routes through different points of Colombia and connect local drivers who are passionate about traveling with travelers and adventurers from all over the world. The driver places his car and the travelers help him with the transportation costs. So simple, you can save up to 25% of money on transportation and 50% of time in alternative transportation. You are also accompanied and the trip is pleasant, safe, interesting and fun.

How does it work Easy&Fun Travel! Colombia!

Every month we organize a different route, 1, 2, 3 to 7 nights. We program the minimum so that there is adventure to the maximum: the route to be taken, the points to explore and the day to return. Also we suggest the lodgings, safe, clean and affordable places. Most routes are exclusive, not many tourism agencies work there, so we will create unique experiences. The starting and finishing point will be Bogota *. We have already estimated the total costs of transportation (gas, tolls, vehicle taxes, maintenance...) depending on the mileage of the route. The total cost of transportation is divided between 4 companions and that is the total cost of transportation for each one (see example below). Before starting the trip, must have canceled the cost of transportation and signed the conditions of service. Enjoy with GetARide-Colombia!

To enjoy with Easy&Fun Travel! Colombia


Antonio es un apasionado amante de la aventura y los viajes. Ha pasado parte de su vida viajando por el mundo. Pero la magia de Colombia lo ha enamorado, convirtiendo la tierra del café y la gente feliz en su hogar. Siempre en busca de nuevas aventuras y lugares llenos de maravillas. Deje que le acompañe en las rutas más increíbles y descubre Colombia como siempre quisiste.

Easy&Fun Travel! Colombia support

Easy&Fun Travel! Colombia and AntonioExplorerColombia has a vocation to support the explorers and puts all our efforts so that many people know the hidden wonders of Colombia. We want to show the world how many beautiful things are here. We do it without non-profit and with pleasure. However there are many people behind the project, who work hard and full time, with effort and responsibility so you enjoy the most with a minimum cost. For that reason we request a small economic contribution that will help us to continue improving and expanding the offer and creating greater. Unique experiences