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Chapinorte hostel Bogota´ Calle 79 # 14-59 Apto 402, Zona Rosa , Bogot´ +57 1 801 1543

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  • Dentistry
  • Good environment to enjoy
  • Accommodation in cabins
  • Fun - Salsa Dance
  • Walk, meet Bogota Bike


If you need dental service recommends Chapinorte Hostel Bogota service dental clinics Dental Lake. El Lago Odontología.

WEB: El Lago Odontología


Good environment to enjoy

Want to spend a nice time with your friends, acquaintances and relatives. May we recommend The Pub , an excellent place to stop and enjoy a good time.

WEB: The Pub


Accommodation in cabins

If you are looking to stay in cabins, this is the place North House Hostel.

WEB: The North House Hostel


Fun - Salsa Dance

Looking for fun learning to dance?. La Villa offers the perfect place to do it, whether you know it or not, what matters is to make the most while learning in a multicultural environment.

WEB: La Villa Bar


Walk, meet Bogota Bike

When you want to take a walk and/or visit the beautiful city of Bogotá by bicycle, Bogota Bike Tours offers the best plan to make it happen.

WEB: Bogota Bike Tours



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